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Silas Rodriguez
Silas Rodriguez

Hi Def Teen Bikinis !!INSTALL!!

If you're talking about a hip hop video, then basically hip hop is consumed by young males who fantasize of having girls in tight bikinis and having big cars. The videos you see reflect the audience that buys the music. Now, I mean, as an example one of the most prominent VJ's is a girl named Vinonda, very smart young lady. She's getting her own syndicated talk show I think this fall. She also wore very tight things and very leopardy sneaky things. And ultimately a lot of what youth culture is about is burgeoning sexuality. In that respect MTV does show that. MTV doesn't show videos of guys shooting gun.

hi def teen bikinis

Probably not with the teen audience that is the focus of MTV. It's very difficult, although in the past year or so we've seen very interesting developments quickly quashed by the multinational corporations of the music industry to get music out by other means such as the Internet, Napster, all of those tools. But the video is very important because kids use MTV like we and our parents used the radio. They have it on when they come home from school, the minute they come home and it's on all day and all night. Sometimes they sleep with it on. It is top 40. And to me the most irresponsible thing about MTV is actually what it does to the music industry itself, which is it hugely aids the consolidation of the industry and narrows our choices more and more. So Total Request Live gives an illusion of choice by having viewers vote for their favorite video but there's only about maybe 10 artists that they can choose from. It's much harder to break through in this kind of environment. 041b061a72


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