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Buy Home Bar Online ^HOT^

From pool parties to holiday gatherings, here at Elegant Bars we got you covered for any occasion. We understand the importance of having a good time. Sharing moments with friends and family have extensive benefits to our overall well-being. That's why it's our commitment to help you find the perfect piece for your home that will help enhance a good time experience with your close ones. We strive for world class service that will remove all of the hassle of finding the right home bar for your space.

buy home bar online

Gather friends for casual tastings or fun parties with this home bar at the center. Made from engineered wood in a gray and black finish, it features a clean-lined design that takes inspiration from lodge-style aesthetics. It shows off a rectangular tabletop for serving drinks, while built-in storage offers six shelves for your spirits and bottles. Six stemware racks provide easy storage for your wine glasses, while a wine rack comes with 21 slots for your favorite vintages. Our favorite perk? This bar has a finished back, so you can place it facing the room.

This Bar Table will be a captivating addition to your living space. The distinctive curved shape provides an excellent serving spot and adds a modern twist to the unit. Our home bar is made of solid metal frame, the shelves and bar top are made of wear-resistant MDF material, making it more durable and more resistant to scratches. Conveniently place your wine glasses, bottles, mixers and other accessories on this home bar table.

Create a chic home bar ensemble in any corner of your home with this ultramodern bar! With a sleek top, you'll have plenty of room to mix and serve your favorite beverages. Display your best spirit bottles and glasses on the 2 open space shelves. 5 stemware hanging racks offer everything you need to stay organized while entertaining friends. The footrest allows guests to kick their feet up and enjoy their cocktail creations with more comfort

Impress party guests with cocktail-making skills as you behind this bar counter! Awesome! Charming appearance composed of unique table top with curved shape, definitely distinct black rail guard, superior upholstered front,and well-placed footrest, is rich but not abrupt, reflecting the connotation of the quality life best.Adding a string of lights to have your own home bar.Creating a great home entertainment atmosphere will absolutely impress your friends! Fabulous!

This bar set boasts mixed materials and a clean-lined silhouette, adding a modern rustic vibe along with industrial accents to your home. It has a metal frame with a matte black finish, while engineered wood shelves and backing infuse vintage-inspired charm into your space. Some shelves are slatted, making them great for setting down baskets or laying bottles on their sides. Other areas are smooth and spacious, ideal for mixing or drink prep. There are also hanging racks for stemware and hooks for mugs up top.

This Multifunctional bar unit is different from other bar units, It features a 42" spacious countertop, a total of 12 flexible storage areas, 3 drawers, 4 rows of glass holders, and 9-bottles wine racks, which meet your needs for various purposes. You can flexibly use it as a wine bar cabinet, coffee hutch, microwave stand, kitchen storage cabinet, sideboard, and buffet cabinet, making the most of your living space. In addition, This bar cabinet features a rustic, modern, and accent farmhouse design style. The blending of wood-grain texture and exposed metal hardware creates a cozy and retro vibe. It can fit well in any space in your home and matches perfectly with other farmhouse furniture. As for quality, our bar console tables are made of high-quality materials, which are sturdy and solid and ensure strong stability and long service life for many years.

Although big pieces of furniture like bar hutches, buffets, and cabinets are good for some spaces, not everyone needs that much room. If you have a smaller space, consider organizing your barware with a vertical tower or shelving unit. You should be able to access everything you need without taking up valuable space with an oversized unit. Purchase online for your convenience, and have bar shelves and towels shipped straight to your home.

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For over 25 years in the bar construction business we have been supplying customers with indoor and outdoor plans & designs to show you how to build a bar. A home bar will entertain friends, create conversation, laughter, celebrations and become the focal point in your home --- which all equals FUN! These are just a few of the things that might come to mind when you think about owning your own bar in your home. Imagine your basement filled with friendly conversation, music and friends enjoying themselves. Envision an exciting game on your big-screen TV with everyone cheering and having a great time! We have been designing bars and creating bar layouts for clients for over 25 years. Our customers vary from homeowners to tavern owners looking to build a commercial furniture grade basement bar or outdoor tiki bar at an economical price. The design criteria we use for our bar designs was gathered from various sources, including watching re-runs of the 80's television show "Cheers".

We also look at all the different brands of Home Bars that you can buy commercially and we visit local taverns and pubs to get a feel of what features we would like included in our designs. We are constantly updating our bar plans to provide our customers with the latest popular designs. We want our bars to resemble professionally built models that can cost more than $10,000! The results of our hard work and research are bar designs and layouts that are easy to build, can be built at a fraction of the price of professionally built bars, and look as good or better than any commercially built bar that you would find in your local neighborhood tavern or restaurant. Take a look at our Completed Projects Gallery, where you will get a look at some of the bars our customers have built in their homes.

Coupes are historically 6 to 8 ounces, and are used for drinks served without ice. After straining the cocktail into the glass, the liquid should settle just below the rim. These can replace martini glasses, which spill far too easily to be worth buying for your home bar.

It's got a lid, a tong, a scoop, massive space, a strainer, and it doesn't look like a garbage can or countertop composter. That's all you should ask for in a home bar ice bucket. But should you want one that's looks even more refined but comes with less tools, FineDine's got one that we also endorse.

These items are popular for home bars including cocktail supplies, optics, games and more. Make sure you also take a look at our branded bar supplies section to give your home bar an authentic pub feel.

Welcome to the Absolut Elyx Boutique, our exclusive online stores, where you'll discover an inspiring collection of signature Copper Drinking Vessels, Bar Tools and Limited Edition Gifts that combine stylish design with professional quality.

Providing Personal Information Is Voluntary. You do not have to provide the personal information requested. If you do not wish to provide personal information, such as your name, home address, or home telephone number, you may remain anonymous. In that case, however, we may not be able to contact you or help you resolve your complaint.

To bring creativity to your dining space, nothing can be more stunning than a bar unit that follows the trendy looks and rightly complements your room and uplifts glamour in no time. Thus, Orange Tree comes to you with an extensive range of bar units for home, which looks classy and chic in front of your guests.

Orange Tree is a one-stop destination for all your home furnishing ranges. Thus, we go on creating an outstanding array of bar units for home that lets you achieve a dreamy party ambience at your place.

Our major range of dining room furniture essentials is simply extravagant in look. Also, our artisans come up with intrinsic creativity that can usher the utmost beauty to your room inspired by the exquisite artistry from all over the world. So, go a bit experimental with our vast range of unusual dining room decor fixtures to embellish your home extraordinarily.

Orange Tree is keen to create all kinds of furniture pieces that rightly suit each of your corners while complementing your existing home decor range and also add a new and pretty makeover to your place.

So, find a suitable cabinet from our excellent range of bar units. We facilitate a variety of bar cabinets of different patterns, geometric styles, and colours for your home. From the minimal, classy home bar cabinet to the very luxurious one, we offer everything as per your decoration requirements.

Besides, we are highly loyal to creating an earth that is beautiful and green. That is why each of our manufacturing processes ensures to take care of maintaining an ecological balance so that we can contribute to the wellbeing of our mother nature. Moreover, we boast in front of you an exquisite collection of home bar cabinets, which are both eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

The designed bar cabinets online Orange Tree brings in front of you are truly unique and classy. Thus, we feel the need to make our service always exciting for you. So, we come up with an extensive range of dinging room furniture pieces, which are very easy to browse on our portal and pick a suitable one.

Your space is filled with your friends, you have the booze, and the ambience is set, but you forgot to bring an elegant set of bar glasses. No home bar is complete without the finest range of drinkware. Be it beer mugs or whiskey glasses, the bar glasses never fail to make every moment special. 041b061a72


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