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The aircraft took-off and climbed to 11,000ft before crashing into the Java Sea 5 minutes after take off. No Mayday call was made. The autothrottle created a thrust asymmetry in the climb that went undetected by the crew until control was lost. All 62 POB died.

The Captain (6,094 hours total, 5,608 hours on type) was PF whilst landing in crosswinds onto Runway 16. Wind 090/22G30Kt, V030/090. The crew went around from their first approach due to the approach being unstable and held waiting for the weather conditions to improve.

On the second approach the aircraft landed pointing 6 degrees to the left of the runway QDM and veered to the left after touchdown. At 130kts, the PF applied right rudder pedal and nose wheel steering input to turn the nose wheel 78 degrees right causing it to skid and the tyres to fail. The aircraft skidded off the side of the runway and the nose gear collapsed. The aircraft was evacuated. None of the passengers or crew members was injured but the aircraft was written off.

Aircraft crashed 6 minutes after take-off. All 157 on board died. The crew reported difficulties and requested a return to Addis Ababa. A faulty AoA probe caused the new, undocumented MAX MCAS system to repeatedly apply nose-down stabiliser inputs. All 157 on board died.

The aircraft made an ILS approach to Runway 05L at Mexico City at about 18:26L Reports say that the left main gear gave way after touchdown and collapsed rearwards becoming wedged below the left wing/engine and the ground. The strut separated and the left engine contacted the ground. The aircraft stopped on the runway and although there was no fire, fire services sprayed the aircraft with foam. The passengers disembarked via mobile stairs on the runway. There are no reported injuries to the 139 passengers or crew. The incident was in darkness but the weather was fine.

The aircraft was written off in a runway excursion following damage sustained during a poorly performed go-around on its previous approach in fog which left the aircraft with an engine and hydraulics failure. The report issued by the MAK in Russian describes how the crew should have commenced the go-around at a height of 60m but was belatedly initiated at 45m. The weather conditions were below minimums for the Cat 1 ILS on Runway 12 which are published as 720m RVR / 200ft DH. UCFO 220200Z 27003MPS 0050 R12/0050 FG VV001 05/04 Q1025 R12/19//65 NOSIG The captain (PF) applied TOGA thrust and called for flap retraction, but then pushed forward on the yoke in response to the natural pitch-up motion of the aircraft due to somatogravic illusion (nose up illusion) due to possible fatigue. This lead to the aircraft descending towards the runway. The gear was retracted before a positive rate of climb had been confirmed. 5 seconds after TOGA was selected the aircraft was still at 38m/125ft over the runway. The inactivity of the first officer prevented rectification of the captain's error. The GPWS "DONT SINK" sounded and although the RoD was reduced from about 1,570ft/min to 790ft/min, the aircraft struck the runway at 178kt, 226m beyond the threshold with a force of +3.96G. The landing-gear had been only 4s into its 9s retraction cycle and the undercarriage was still in an intermediate position when the impact occurred causing the aircraft to sink onto its belly and sustain damage to the landing gear, #2 engine and hydraulic systems A & B. The aircraft became airborne and the Captain initially elected to divert to Bishkek because of the weather but as the engine and hydraulics failed he elected to return to Osh. On the second landing the landing gear failed on touchdown. the aircraft effectively landed on its engines and the underside of the fuselage. It touched down about 1,400m from the threshold and continued to slide along the runway for about 500m. The occupants evacuated via slides, there were injuries but no fatalities.

Shaheen Air flight NL142 from Karach to Lahore (OPLA) with 112 passengers and 7 crew appears to have landed to the left of runway 36L in 1500m visibility. Both main landing gear were torn off as the aircraft crossed a taxyway. The aircraft settled down onto the grass and stopped to the left of runway 36L, about 2500m from the runway threshold and about 200m from the end of the runway. The aircraft was substantially damaged and 10 passengers received minor injuries. Runway 36L is 3,360 meters long and the primary runway at Lahore but at the time of the accident the ILS was NOTAMed not available due to CAT IIIB upgrade works in progress. There are VOR/DME, NDB and RNAV non-precision approaches available for all four runways. The VOR approach has a 5 degree offset. OPLA 030455Z 00000KT 2000 FU SCT100 23/16 Q1018 BECMG 3000


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