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Why You Need a 50 MB Dummy File and Where to Get It

Your #1 resource to download free test files either for speed test or for any other purpose! Our dummy files include audio, video, PDF, images, text, and many other formats. Simply click on the desired box below and download your test file. Here are our speed test files to download below.

50 mb dummy file download

Downloading our files is easy, simply click on your desired box (like 10GB, 5GB, 1GB, 512MB, 200MB, 100MB, 50MB, 20MB, 10MB, 5MB, 1MB, 100KB) above and it will start downloading the file. These files use IPv6 when available otherwise IPv4. All of our files are served over HTTP, FTP will be added soon.

No matter if you are using 5G wireless, Atlantic, spectrum, kyrio, Xfinity, Verizon, AT&T, Astound, Mediacom, HughesNet, rise, Suddenlink, or any other internet provider, our test files work everywhere.

However, if you are a programmer/developer and looking for a test file containing test data from a programming perspective, stay tuned! Soon, we will upload data files for different testing purposes like bash, audio, video, c#, CSV, image, cucumber, java, JUnit test files, etc.

50 mb pdf file download for testing

50 mb sample file download in different formats

50 mb dummy file download speed test

50 mb blank file download for demo

50 mb text file download from learning container

50 mb zip file download with random data

50 mb dummy file download for presentation

50 mb image file download in jpg format

50 mb video file download in mp4 format

50 mb audio file download in mp3 format

50 mb csv file download with sample data

50 mb xml file download with dummy tags

50 mb docx file download with lorem ipsum

50 mb pptx file download with slides

50 mb xlsx file download with tables

50 mb json file download with objects

50 mb html file download with tags

50 mb css file download with styles

50 mb js file download with scripts

50 mb php file download with code

50 mb sql file download with queries

50 mb log file download with messages

50 mb ini file download with settings

50 mb bat file download with commands

50 mb exe file download with program

50 mb dll file download with library

50 mb jar file download with java classes

50 mb apk file download with android app

50 mb iso file download with disk image

50 mb rar file download with compressed data

50 mb tar.gz file download with linux archive

50 mb dmg file download with macos installer

50 mb epub file download with ebook

50 mb mobi file download with kindle book

50 mb azw3 file download with amazon book

50 mb fb2 file download with fiction book

50 mb psd file download with photoshop design

50 mb ai file download with illustrator vector

50 mb svg file download with scalable graphic

50 mb png file download with transparent image

Test files are used for different purposes. From a programming perspective, such files are used to test units and code. However, the main reason for our test files is to test downloading speed on different broadband or using tools.

Downloading time depends on your broadband package. However, we have tested downloading these files on various packages and, as a result, we have listed the average results under each file. These results are verified from different locations.

Download test files are available, you can download 100kb, 10 Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb, 5Gb and 10Gb files. You can also test your internet speed by downloding these files that are much better than other files downloading

Partly it depends on what you are trying to increase the size of... number of pages, number of images, size of a single image. In my experience, the vast bulk (90%+) of any given 'large' PDF file will be the images.

Test files of various sizes can be useful for network and application testing. Below are download links to a few popular file sizes as well as a tool to generate custom size files. The files contain randomly generated binary data.

These locally generated files will download much quicker than the network downloaded files since their content's are generated on the fly. Their download speed is restricted only by your device's processor and storage drive speed.

All file sizes here conform the ISQ and IEC standards where 1KiB = 1024 bytes and 1KB = 1000 bytes. A lot of websites still refer to 1KB as 1024 bytes. If you do not receive the file size you are looking for try downloading the other variant.

To download a file with a custom size enter the size you would like below and click download. Note: these custom files are also generated locally, they should not be used as an indication of download speed.

Test files are most widely used for many reasons, including testing any application or program. You can also download these files to test your internet speed. The formats of our sample files include audio, video, document, images, and other files.

Sample test files are valuable for the development of digital file standards. However, they can provide valuable feedback too. The critical thing for test files is that their file format should be characterized to ensure it complies with the specifications. The use of sample files can sometimes indicate whether a file format meets a standard. On the other hand, a standardized format can help identify multiple issues. In short, this service is no less than a heaven for developers, designers, and testers.

As a QA engineer you always need some dummy or sample files that you can use to test any service. There are plenty of sample files available in different formats that can assist you during quality assurance.

Test files can be used for a variety of purposes. They are utilized to test code and units. But, the primary reason to download test files is that they evaluate download speeds on various internet connections.

Please be aware that downloading these files will count towards your download usage allowances imposed by your broadband provider and the large files may use up a large proportion of this if you only have a small allowance (1GB - 3GB for example). We suggest only testing the large files if you have a connection speed faster than 10 Mbps.

NOTE: We provide these download files primarily for UK broadband users; although we do not prohibit their use by others, we do not allow scripted/automated download of these files. Our systems routinely block repetitive attempts which we believe are automated or abusive. If you get an 'unauthorised' error message, you can contact us (please include your IP address when contacting us).

Answers:1. The script initially writes the text specified in the command to the file. for(1,1,n) executes the type command n times. And each time the type command appends the file content in dummy.txt to the same file. So the size of the file doubles with each iteration. So if you decrease the number of characters in the initial file, automatically the size of the final file will also be lesser.2. As explained above, if you execute the for loop n times, the size of the file at the end will be pow(2,n)*number of characters in the initial text.

If you are developing/testing/using a software program/script that is related to files/filesystems, you may need one. For example, if you are a system administrator and are deploying a new file replication software, you may want to evaluate the software if it works for all scenarios. For this, you can create files of varying sizes and test the software before the actual deployment.

Hi,I have a requirement to create DOCX and PDF files with varying sizes (with valid data in it), can have random text but it needs to open successfully (i.e in Word & PDF). Any generatingg tools out there that can do the job quickly? isn't the average download speed test. gets smarter the more you use it and makes adjustments specific to your computer for a high level of accuracy. This speed test will download randomly generated data to your browser, calculate your download speed and log your speed test results. TMN ensures your Internet connection is tested thoroughly with large download tests up to 200 MB.'s servers are hosted where the websites you visit are hosted. Your provider may prefer testing within their network but is that realistic? provides a real world scenario not a best case scenario which makes this speed test a more accurate representation of your true bandwidth. This is a true and trusted test of your Internet download speed. has a high resolution download test. Unlike other speed tests takes measurements during the test to show you the path of your download speed over the course of the test. It conducts tests within the test. The end result is unparalleled result detail.

Information like minimum speed, average speed, maximum speed and variance from minimum to maximum speed during the test are shown along with a graph plotting the speed over time, percentage and data transferred. This extra information is logged to the database and can be a great aid in troubleshooting. Currently TiP is only available on the linear download speed test.

  • The North Carolina dataset can be downloaded in two versions: North Carolina full dataset Download ZIP (159 MB) Download TAR.GZ (159 MB)

  • North Carolina basic dataset Download ZIP (50 MB) Download TAR.GZ (50 MB)

For each dataset, several CSV sizes are available, from 100 to 2 million records. The first line contains the CSV headers. An index column is set on each file. Rows have an index value which is incremental and starts at 1 for the first data row.

Never download another 100mb test file or waste time searching for a large file. Sometimes you need a large file fast to test data transfers or disk performance. Windows includes a utility that allows you to quickly generate a file of any size instantly.

So first, try your luck at these free sites to download sample files that perfectly fit your needs. Some are all-in-one services that host several files, while others focus on more variety in a specific type of file or file format. Either way, you should find what you need.

File Examples is an all-in-one host of sample files for videos, audios, images, documents, and other files. You will only be browsing here as there is no search feature, but the assumption is that you already know what you want. Currently, the different file types it supports are:

Pick the file type you want to proceed to the next screen, where you pick the size or quality (for example, image resolution). And then download the file sample in one click; no signups or registration needed.

Sample Docs is another all-in-one tool to download file samples of popular file types like PDF, XLS / XLSX, DOC / DOCX, PPT / PPTX, JPG, PNG, GIF, MP3, MP4, AVI, and FLV. The file sizes vary greatly, and it's a good place to get large files for the above.

But its best feature is the Customized Sample Excel File. If you've hunted on the internet for a sample spreadsheet, you know how difficult it is to find something that fits what you need it for. Sample Docs solves this problem by letting you create a file with the kind of columns and data you need.

Here's how it works. First, you can add as many new columns as you want. Each column will be filled with dummy data for text, numbers, decimals, and dates. The text is always a person's name, that doesn't change. Once you set the columns as you want them, generate the file sample to get a spreadsheet of 100 rows filled with the columns you set.

Developers have a love-hate relationship with the humble CSV file. It's the best format to store massive amounts of data, but the simplest error causes entire builds to crash. You need to test and test again with CSV files, and Online Data Generator is the best to make custom CSV files for all sorts of scenarios.


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