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Silas Rodriguez
Silas Rodriguez

Milf Big Incest VERIFIED

Stories in this series were an attempt to write about sex from a woman's perspective. I really did want to write about an older woman who becomes a willing, insatiable slut for men with big cocks. But as I began to write, she had to go through other things first. For the reader, you will find a wide variety of adventures in these stories: lesbianism, domination and submission, toy play, casual sex, incest, and yes, sex with multiple men with large dicks. So if you only want to read about one topic, then go elsewhere. Writing these has been amazing - more and more adventures for Alana Mills keep lining up and beg to be written. I plan to drive this to the end of the string if there's a response and a demand. Along the way special thanks for inspiration goes out to silkstockingslover and her works. Enjoy, and feedback is encouraged and welcome.

milf big incest




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