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Insect Stories Of Mom And Son [UPDATED]

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insect stories of mom and son

While my first instinct is to scream and run when a creepy crawly bug enters the room, I am now the mom of a child who is fascinated with bugs. From ants to lightning bugs to rhinoceros beetles, he watches them and a million questions come to his mind. I see an ant and the only question that comes to my mind involves the cost of an extermination solution; however, I admire his appreciation and want to encourage his curiosity which is why some of our recent story times involve books that focus on insects!

In the past few months, my son is teaching me that bugs do serve a central role in the environment and maintain the balance of ecosystems. It is awesome what we learn from our children and how they challenge us to see the world differently. This summer we will be bugging out about insects, and we now have a list of books to help propel our education forward.

Most times children that are fascinated by bugs also tend to be children that enjoy learning interesting facts as well. Weird But True: 300 Slimy, Sticky and Smelly Facts will not only feature weird facts that involve insects but will also cover some other interesting smelly details that will capture their imagination.

If your child is beyond the curious stage, then the Bug Lab for Kids is the perfect addition for the child who is the budding entomologist and wants to incorporate hands on activities. From the initial basics of putting together the proper outfit to collecting bugs to locating spider webs to understanding the physical make up of insects and how they function, this book is filled with simple and easily achievable projects and none appear to be time consuming.

Written by Barry Louis Solisar, Insect Soup contains poems about bugs that are commonly overlooked. Coupled with humorous graphics, fans of bugs will appreciate this unique approach to storytelling about insects.

The Ultimate Bugopedia: The Most Complete Bug Reference Ever is a compilation of rich photographs that highlights bees, wasps, caterpillars, beetles and lots more! In addition to each featured insect, the author has included its scientific name, size, diet and habitat.

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