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Silas Rodriguez
Silas Rodriguez

Natural Locomotion Free Download [PC] [PORTABLE]

Humans are much more efficient than other species at locomotion across the visual plane. For example, walking speeds of primates, in particular primates in the genus Homo, are significantly faster than walking speed of other primates [ 86 ]. This suggests that, in the context of natural locomotion, humans have been able to accumulate and store optic flow over longer time periods, or to effectively couple the output of the vestibular system with that of the visual system. This allows humans to effectively track their own position over time periods that exceed the retinal persistence of visual signals [ 67 ].

Natural Locomotion Free Download [PC]

Retinal flow provides a rich set of cues for locomotion that can be modified. Most of the features of retinal flow are robust to changes in viewing angle and to translation of the observer, making it possible for a viewer to navigate using a wide range of retinal flow patterns. The availability of these range of patterns makes walking in natural environments a challenge for any system that attempts to learn to walk automatically.

A number of other visual signals are also available to a visual system to guide locomotion. These include such visual cues as motion parallax, motion capture, and epiphenomena of locomotion. For example, motion parallax, the continuous change in the relative position of objects in a visual scene in front of and behind the observer, could easily be used as a visual beacon to provide information about the locomoting position. Similarly, a visual map of the environment that indicates the position of objects in relation to the observer provides information that can be used to control locomotion.


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