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Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster

Patchman Soundbank.rar

Did you know that the musical instrument kingdom has many hidden treasures waiting for you? A journey of discovery awaits you at We have thousands of hand selected musical instruments such as flutes, marimbas, drums, woodwinds, stringed instruments and more.

Patchman Soundbank.rar

Monochrome UK based website and online shop. If you are looking for high quality MIDI Keyboard, software and hardware, CC Instruments, Lighting, stage lighting or just a place to relax and be inspired, then we're the place to be.

We have thousands of instruments, synth sounds, drum sounds and drumkits at your fingertips. Complete music production equipment: Sequencers, mixers, synths, samplers, live performance and effects.

Update: We have now arrived to the support phase for our Patreon. In this phase of Development we are truly spreading the love to all those who supported us for so long. We have given you some of the best ideas and the best planning and well, let's just say that we have achieved some miracles. We have expanded our team for more development and more manpower but we are still in need of your money and a bit of your patience. If you are thinking about becoming a patron, you can find more informations about how it works and how your patronage helps us at: At our new address you will receive your code and token that will be needed to download the sound bank. Every patron of the patreon gets their own code and token. No waiting for each other. Download the songs once and save them wherever you want to. File size is 50Mb for each sound bank and you can download as many you want for a period of one year. What more can you ask for?


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